Best Time to Find a New Hardware Engineering Job

In life and your engineering career, timing is everything. As a power semiconductor recruitment firm, our recruiters are often asked about the best time to find a new hardware engineering job. Because we must be experts in career progression, we’ve studied the best to find a new engineering job, and the best time to make a career move. If you’ve been thinking of making such a move, this article will help you navigate the multiple variables involved with the timing of your job transition.


When New Engineering Jobs Are Plentiful

The best times to FIND a new job are typically seasonal and usually revolve around the natural tides of life, as well as, the average calendar year that many businesses follow. Let’s look at the typical course calendar year for an engineering company. The most common fiscal structure revolves around the standard Gregorian calendar. The beginning of the calendar year consists of individuals returning from holiday vacations, getting back into the swing of regular work activity, revisiting the accomplishments and projects from the previous year, compiling earnings, developing budgets, conducting headcounts, and ultimately finding out what engineering talent that the company needs for the upcoming year. With all these ongoing activities, January and February are perhaps the least active months for hiring.

Alternatively, after a company has a firm foundation for the engineering talent they need for the year, human resources and recruitment staff kick into full speed ahead mode with hiring. This fact makes the early springtime a hotbed of hiring activity. Early spring is typically the best time to revamp your resume, selectively send it to recruiters, and begin taking phone interviews.

Once children get out of school for summer break and employees, begin traveling for their summer vacation, hiring and new job creation take a slight lull. Again, jobs will still be advertised, and interviews will always take place, only they are more sporadic with more scheduling conflicts taking place. At the end of summer, hiring usually resumes its normal pace with recruitment staff looking to fill any remaining, crucial roles.


Best Time to Make a Career Move

Typically, more engineering jobs are available during spring and in the fall. Hardware engineering jobs are still often available during the summer and winter seasons, but there usually isn’t as much urgency to fill these roles. If you think about it, these times most staff are taking a summer vacation or are thinking about holiday planning. While hiring does take place during the holiday season, it usually is drastically reduced. The hiring and on-boarding process typically takes much longer. If you’re passively looking and not in a hurry, then this may not make much difference to you, but it’s certainly something you should take into account. Engineering candidates are often off-put by delays in the process, but these may be a few reasons for delays in the hiring process.


The Best time to find a New Hardware Engineering Job

With the details mentioned above taken into account, the absolute best months to find and land a new engineering role are usually April, May, August, and September. There, of course, are exceptions to this, such as an integral engineer leaving the company or the company obtaining a new round of venture capital funding. By observing the standard ebb and flow of seasonal business activities and arranging your career search around them, you’ll significantly increase your odds of receiving an offer letter from your ideal company.


Available Hardware Engineering Jobs

If you are currently seeking a new hardware engineering job, you could go out and spend countless hours scouring job boards and submitting your resume to an infinite number of open requisitions. Or, you can amplify your efforts by seeking out a recruitment firm that specializes in hardware engineering. Power IC Recruiters and semiconductor recruiters who are focused on placing engineers in the analog IC, IGBT, and SiC spaces are aware of open engineering positions that are both advertised online and those that are not. Recruiters have also spent years developing relationships with hiring managers that will ensure that these decision-makers review your credentials. Additionally, recruitment staff can keep your candidacy confidential versus posting your resume out on the web for the entire world to see.


Power IC Recruiters

Charles Brown Recruitment brings decades of recruitment experience in the power semiconductor and power management industries. Sending us your resume today ensures that you will be kept informed of the newest hardware engineering positions as soon as they become available. Contact a semiconductor recruiter today to find out more about open engineering jobs and to give our staff an idea of your ideal position and organization.