Our goal for you is to find the ideal opportunity, per your motivations, in order to advance your career. So, our first job is to find out where you are and where you want to go. Needs assessment to figure out what resources we have that you can leverage.

Often times, opportunities are not advertised online. We keep our ears to the ground, and are industry insiders to these roles.

We can let you know what is going on behind the scenes, walk with you through the process, and leverage our experience in the power space for your career advancement.

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Power IC Recruiter

We know it is a small world. Especially in power. Maybe you’d like to see what other opportunities may be out there without broadcasting it to the industry.

You don’t have to post your resume to a major job board. We can work discretely to arrange phone calls, lunch meetings, and Skype calls to explore opportunities and teams. Those conversations can either end as a new connection made within the space or springboard you to an opportunity to meet the team, thereby learning about the strength of products, technology roadmap, and specific technical responsibilities.

Ultimately, confidentiality can be the name of the game and you can fly under the radar.

Charles Brown Recruitment Places Engineers for:

✓  Device Engineers
✓   Process Engineers
✓  Product Engineer – Discretes
✓  Product Engineers – Power IC
✓  Power IC Design Engineers
✓  Analog IC Design Engineers
✓  Motor Control Designers

✓  Strategic Marketing – Automotive
✓  Strategic Marketing – Digital Power
✓  Analog Design Engineers – ADC
✓  Test Engineers
✓  Product Definition Engineers
✓ Directors of Marketing – HV MOSFET
✓  Directors of Applications

✓  Applications Engineers – Power
✓  Senior Directors – Power IC Design
✓  Digital Design Engineers
✓  Analog Designers – Type C
✓  Mixed Signal Test Engineers
✓  And More…

We’ve cultivated relationships with key decision makers across the power semiconductor market and can get you connected with them. These are the guys and gals creating the future of technology, address ground breaking power management products to move us all forward. We are here as your industry insider and can introduce you to the people who may help you do your best work yet. If your focus is our focus (next generation analog, discrete, or compound semiconductors), then we’d like to hear from you.

Feel free to contact me: