15 January 2021

For its fiscal first-quarter 2021 (ended 30 November 2020), LED chip and component maker SemiLEDs Corp of Hsinchu, Taiwan has reported revenue of $719,000, approximately halving from $1.4m last quarter and $1.563m a year ago.

Gross margin was -3%, compared with +8% last quarter and +33% a year ago. Operating margin was -135%, worsening from -28% last quarter and -36% a year ago.

Net loss was $697,000 ($0.17 per diluted share), increasing from $62,000 ($0.02 per diluted share) last quarter and more than double the $317,000 ($0.09 per diluted share) a year ago.

During the quarter, cash and cash equivalents fell from $2.832m to $2.693m.

SemiLEDs says that, given the uncertain impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and the company, it is currently unable to forecast revenue for fiscal second-quarter 2021 (to 28 February).

The Chinese New Year (CNY) of 2021 will begin on 11 February. SemiLEDs’ office and factory in Chunan will be closed from 6 February until 21 February, and will resume operations on 22 February.

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