IGBT technologies are extremely important to power electronic applications such as controllers, inverters, and power supplies and allow them to meet the growing demand for solid state switching devices. As a necessary staple of any integrated circuit development process, IGBT device design engineers are in extremely high demand and will continue to experience career growth as more and more powerful devices are implemented in modern day electronics.

IGBT Companies

Companies that make IGBT based power semiconductors, while commonly participating in large-scale collaborations and partnerships, have been steadily consolidating through mergers and acquisition activity over the past decade. While power semiconductor M&As are designed in a manner that increases businesses efficiency or reduces overhead, they often lead to staff redundancy or other changes in staff. These employee reorganizations can be due to more employees performing IGBT circuit design that are needed, the closure of a particular division, or the ending of a particular product line.

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Engineers – IGBT

When staff redundancies occur, anxiety and stress to both employees and employers can occur. At Charles Brown Recruitment, we have over 2 decades of staffing and recruitment experience in the power semiconductor and IGBT device market, and can provided detailed guidance to IGBT Device Engineers in the form of resume writing, employment coaching, and introducing you to hiring managers from other key players in the IGBT based power semiconductor market.

Managers – IGBT

Mergers or restructuring can be equally as stressful to managers having to decide which employees on their IGBT teams to keep and which won’t fit the new company’s business model. By partnering with a Power IC recruitment firm with in-depth experience in placing individuals who design IGBT power devices, you can decrease risk while avoiding costly compensation payouts.

If you’re firm or career has been affected by a merger, acquisition, or restructuring, contact a Power IC recruiter with Charles Brown Recruitment today for assistance in landing the next step in your professional career.