The power Semiconductor influences our life in positive ways every day. Power semiconductors have numerous applications in today’s world: they drive motors, change voltage levels and frequencies, and supply a stable source of power to the integrated circuits in our TV’s, lighting, computers, servers, and telecommunication equipment. Power ICs are literally everywhere.


Power semiconductor devices

Power Semiconductor devices have a rich history dating back to 1904 when experimenters first used a semiconductor device in a power circuits. Since then, the IGBT has become widely available and has power handling capabilities for bipolar transistors and offers advantages of isolated gate drives for power MOSFETs.

Power Semiconductor Market

The amazing thing about the power semiconductor market is that it powers so much of our cutting edge technology and will continue to do so. The power semiconductor market, thus, is being driven to rapid change thanks to power modules used in the industrial motor drives, PV inverters, and automotive power. Additionally fifth-generation mobile technologies (5G), will continue to also fuel the massive growth of the power semiconductor market.

Power Semiconductor Companies

Of the roughly 40 or so semiconductor companies that that have that have begun in the last 50 years, that number has dropped tremendously through the consolidated of semiconductor company via mergers and acquisitions down to less than 14 major players as of 2018. These companies include the global giants such as Broadcom, NVidia, and AMD, but also include a larger cross-section of smaller, privately held semiconductor companies, as well as, companies that function as suppliers including systems companies, research and development labs, and industry standards organizations. As the production of IGBTs, MOSFETs, Analog ICs, and Power Management ICs continues to grow, this pattern of emerging power semiconductor companies being bought or brought into the fold of giant IC companies will continue.

Power Semiconductor Talent

Individuals employed in the semiconductor manufacturing or processing fields today are expected to bring a wide range of talents and skills in order to help bring new and innovated ICs into production. For starters, design engineers are expected to bring proven capabilities in BiPolar, BiCMOS, CMOS, and GaN design.

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For mixed signal/analog designers, Industry-standard EDA and IC design tools that are made by industry leaders such as Cadence, Synopsis, and Mentor include Hspice, Spectre, Eldo, AMS, Viruoso, and Laker are in high demand. For the digital designer, utiling Primetime, Enounter, and Verdi are commonly used.

Power Semiconductor Recruiters

As a power semiconductor professional, continuously staying abreast of new opportunities is a sure-fire way to speed up career advancement, as well as, avoid falling victim to a redundancy layoff. AS a designer, developer, and global supplier of power semiconductors, companies also need to have a firm foundation for what talent is available and who is confidentially considering a career change to a competitor.

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